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Our Beginnings


Since 2001

We’ve made an exciting history throughout the past years, with the passion and curiosity about a great tasting coffee, Road Café sought out the world’s best international brand to create quality coffee beverages and delightful tasty treats.  Continuing the passion, Road Café open its first Drive Thru Coffee Shop in the mid of 2001 in the East Region, this bring comfort to most of the travelers.  Since our concept is “coffee for the travelers” we hit the spot in a place you never expected.  A months after the success of the first Road Café in the Eastern Region, Road Café open its door in the Central Region of the Kingdom, and by the end 2001, another Road Café was opened.

As one of the very first drive thru concept coffee shop in the Kingdom.  The concept of Drive thru Coffee Shop is somehow taking ages for some locals to adopt. In some reason, the idea of a coffee shop for most people, is a place where they can chill and relax, another assumption is the comparison and differences of standards between the ideal coffee shops and drive thru coffee shops.  But this made a great challenge for Road Café and as the time passes, Road Café has proven itself worthy of the Trust and Loyalty from their valued customers.

Now, with 17 years of continuous service and more than twenty-five thriving locations.  We created legacy that will mark forever in the art of coffee preparation, serving generations and moving forward towards the next generations.  We promise to keep our reputation in providing all our customers with exceptional products, unswerving customer service and uncompromised integrity.

We would like to invite you to come and experience Road Café and we’re gladly appreciate to hear your rave comments.

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